Wednesday, 26 February 2014

EXTINCTION Launch Party Tomorrow!

Well, doesn't time fly?

It seems like no time at all since my debut novel ORIGIN was released, but it was actually back in October 2012!

And now my second novel, EXTINCTION, is just a day away from publication, and I'm just as excited as I was for the first one!

It's very nerve-racking though, and I always hear that the second novel can be the hardest to pull off. But I've had the first reviews back, and I'm pleased to say that the response has been really good so far! Here are three of the reviews: (also includes an exclusive interview!)

Waterstones Harrogate has been kind enough to host the launch party, which will be tomorrow evening (February 27th), from 6-8pm. There will be drinks and snacks provided, and I'm looking forward to it tremendously! Further information here:|February|14&mFilter=1

Perhaps I'll see some of you there? Do feel free to come by and say hello if you're from the area, it should be a very pleasant evening!

And if you read EXTINCTION, please be sure to let me know what you think!

Monday, 10 February 2014

STOP AT NOTHING - free book on kindle!

My all-action thriller STOP AT NOTHING is now FREE on Kindle, in the lead-up to publication of EXTINCTION later this month!. Get it now!

Check out the new cover! 

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Stories by My Three Year Old Daughter!

These are the stories my 3 year old dictated to me! What do you think?

'There was a princess and a prince who lived in a magical castle and then a unicorn arrived. And then there was a wicked witch and then she blew the magic castle down. And then Rapunzel came when she was a baby and then she grew and then a nasty queen took her and put her in a tower, and then she went into the magical woods with a prince. But the naughty queen found them and took them back to the castle. And then a knight came, with a queen and a king and a prince and a princess, and they put the wicked queen in a dungeon and they all lived happily ever after.
                But then the queen escaped from the dungeon and she went back to the magic castle and she fought with the unicorn and beat the unicorn and then she got the prince and threw him in the dungeon. But then Rapunzel came to the rescue and banished the bad witch to the forest of evil nightmares, and they all lived happily ever after.
                And then the prince ran away from the dungeon and the queen died and then Rapunzel ran away from her mummy and daddy because there was a holiday, and then she came back and they all lived happily ever after.'

'One day there was a fairy and a prince fairy and then a wicked fairy came and said ‘Get in the fairy tower!’ and then a knight came to the rescue. But there was another queen who was naughty and then one day there was a land where dreams came true but they didn’t find it. And then there was a magical tower and they found it, but the queen didn’t find them and they lived happily ever after.
                And then the wicked queen came back for them and put them in the dungeon, but the prince and princess fairy escaped and lived happily ever after.
                And then they did find the land where dreams came true and they said ‘I wish I wish tonight tonight, I wish again tonight goodnight, I wish that queen would disappear!’, and then it happened and the evil queen disappeared.
                And then the good queen came and she put the children to bed and the queen wished ‘I wish I wish tonight goodnight I wish the naughty queen could disappear and turn good.’ And they lived happily ever after.
                But then one day an evil lady witch came and made the children disappear from bed, but then she became good, and everyone lived happily ever after.'

'One day there was a Barbie who lived in a house and then her friends came and they didn’t know what to do and then she had an idea and they made cupcakes, but then an evil baddie came and destroyed all her decorations and then they went to bed and in the morning they saw it was all ruined and then one day there was another one who came and they didn’t know what to do. And then another baddie came and ruined Barbie’s jumper and then destroyed Barbie’s dress and handbag, and her hair, and then threw her into a cave. Barbie didn’t know what to do, and then she threw the naughty baddie into a cage, and had a party with her friends and lived happily ever after.'

'One day there was a little dog called Molly and she asked some of her doggy friends to come over, but then a baddie dog came and ruined all the dog decorations and made a mess and then Molly went to bed and in the morning she saw the mess and didn’t know what to do, but then she threw the wicked dog into a dungeon and had a party and celebrated with cupcakes. She then made a wish, ‘I wish tonight, I wish tonight, I wish the naughty queen dog would disappear.’ And then the naughty dog disappeared, and Molly celebrated with a party and cupcakes, and then put her little dogs to bed and everyone lived happily ever after.
                And then the wicked queen dog said ‘I’ll come back for you!’ and then she made a rattle noise outside, but Molly caught her and threw her in the dungeon and they all lived happily ever after.'

'One day mummy and the horsy went on a ride and mummy was a bit shy on the horsy and then they did good teamwork and then mummy had hot chocolate with her horse and then brushed her and then didn’t want to go back home without her horsy but was told that she can’t go home with her horsy, but she didn’t want to stop riding her horse and then a wicked horse came and then tiptoed down the stairs, but mummy caught her and put her in the dungeon and lived happily ever after.'

'One day there was a boy called Jakub and he liked dinosaurs and he went to a museum and saw a real T-Rex. Back home a T-Rex followed him and he wasn’t friendly and he hid in a coat and then Jakub came downstairs and heard a creepy noise and then he wasn’t scared and the T-Rex crept down the hallway and then in the living room he hid somewhere Jakub could never see him again.'

'One day there was daddy and he liked doing karate and he let his children and mummy come and he did karate with everyone and then Mia hurt herself and she said ‘I hurt myself,’ and then we lived happily ever after, with Mia doing karate.'

I think that's a good afternoon's work!!!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Want to be a Writer?

Since having my novel published I have met a lot of people who are aspiring authors. And although I am not a specialist, I am happy to share my knowledge and insights into the business.

Amongst the most intriguing things aspiring authors say to me are the following:

'Books, oh I don't read them, I really don't have the time...'

'I would never buy a new book, it's too expensive...'

'I only read the free books I can download to my kindle...'


So you want to write books, but you don't read them yourself?

You would presumably like people to buy your own book if it is published, but you don't want to spend money on books yourself?


Being an author is a job like any other. If people don't pay for the product, how do you expect the industry and the authors to survive?

New books are expensive?

Have you got a printer at home? Imagine printing 400 pages black and white and a full color cover (in HD). What would that cost you? And then add the time someone spends on planning, writing, editing, designing, selling and distributing the product.

Would you go to work if your potential new boss offered you the following: 50 hours a week and no pay?
I'm just guessing here, but I think the answer would be a resounding 'HELL, NO!'

Writing and producing a book takes a great deal of time and effort, and I believe that it should be appreciated. And if aspiring authors - those that want to enter this industry and work within it - can't appreciate it, then who can?

So if you are an aspiring author, start from buying new books, in order to support the industry you want to work in!

And remember - if you don't want to pay money for a book, then why would anyone want to pay money for your own?

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Being an author - an insight!

Carrying on with the previous blog post I would like to give you couple more insights into the real life of an author!


Author - THE DREAM


2. BOOKS - First print

Author - THE DREAM


Being an Author

Many people dream about being published. So did I! Now that I am a published author, I wanted to share this with you - I hope it will make you smile!

Author - THE DREAM