Thursday, 14 November 2013

ORIGIN - Foreign editions

It's now been over a year since the publication of ORIGIN, and so far the book has also been published in Japan, Germany (as ALPHA) and Russia.
It has been very exciting to receive copies of each foreign edition, as they all have different covers in-keeping with what is popular and desirable in that country.

I am looking forward to see the other editions too, which should be published within 24 months of the UK publication.

Also pleasing is the fact that ORIGIN has been doing rather well overseas, according to the feedback I have received.

For instance, in Japan -  where the book has been released in two volumes - the first print of 30,000 (15,000 of each volume) went within two weeks, so the publishing house needed to reprint it!

I am absolutely thrilled, and with five more foreign translations to go, I hope that it will be equally - or even more! - successful in other places. Fingers crossed!

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