Saturday, 27 April 2013

ORIGIN - Thriller of the month!

It gets really quiet for a few months after book publication, so there haven't been a lot of things to write about, thus my inactivity on the blog. However, I've recently finished writing the first draft of my next novel for Headline, which I'm really pleased with, and am already moving on to plan the next one.

Also, the 2013 London Book Fair has just taken place, so I'm crossing my fingers and 'holding my thumbs' (trzymam kciuki) as Polish people say, for more foreign sales!

My editor Ali is going to be in touch shortly to talk book covers and so on. So far the title for the new novel will be 'EXTINCTION'. I like it, and it's a good counterpoint for ORIGIN.

As not a lot has been going on in the writing world for me recently, I've been doing various other interesting things! For instance, my wife and I have just completed the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge - 25 miles over 1600m of ascent in 12 hours, to raise money for our niece (go to for more details). It was a fun, but very tiring event!

We're also off to a Salsa Night soon, which is an event raising money for cancer research. In October I will also co-host with another author - Frances Brody - a dinner event for the same cause.

I'm also already looking forward to Harrogate's Old Peculiar Crime Writing Festival in July and meeting up with fellow authors, reviewers and Headliners. We always have great time at this event.

I've also just heard that ORIGIN has been picked as the 'Thriller of the Month' on - go to  to read the review!

Have a great day everyone!