Friday, 18 January 2013

STOP AT NOTHING Kindle Exclusive - FREE!!!

My Kindle Exclusive action thriller STOP AT NOTHING will be available from midnight tonight (Saturday 19th January) absolutely FREE for 24 hours!

This full-length novel is all-out action, and is guaranteed to leave you breathless!

To whet your appetite, here's a review posted on Amazon:

When I heard that JT Brannan had another book out so soon after Origin I knew I needed to read it, my TBR pile is somewhat short of thrillers right now.

Where Origin is OTT action adventure thrills, and encompasses every conspiracy and myth going. Stop at Nothing is more of a world stage political conspiracy.

Mark Cole is Bond's US cousin mixed with the balls out action and killing edge of Jason Bourne. The books plot highlights the state of the world, terrorism, international anti terror agencies working in tandem and just how they could be abused. The whole idea, scary and the plot frenetic as hell.

Characters a little OTT but that's the bond / Bourne thing. His wife a great counter point to the story. I particularly loved the many escapes from safe houses and malls etc.

I enjoyed this book immensely and needed a great fast paced thriller like this... bring on the next one.
5 Stars

Why not try it out?

Follow the link below, and remember - it's FREE for tomorrow only!!!

p.s I'm not sure if it will be free in the US, but just in case, here is the US link:

I hope you enjoy it!!!

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