Sunday, 28 October 2012

Launch Party at Waterstones Bradford 'THE WOOL EXCHANGE'

The book launch for my début novel ORIGIN was very enjoyable!

It was held at Waterstones Bradford, which is - according to many - the UK's most beautiful bookshop.

The store itself is in the old Wool Exchange Building (pictures below!), built when Bradford was a very prosperous and rich city, which is why this building is so beautifully constructed. It was a real pleasure to be able to hold the launch party there.

As seen on the pictures in my previous post, we had quite a good turnout and many books were sold and signed. My editor Alexander Hope and my publicist Ben Willis came over from Headline Publishing in London to celebrate the book release, and it was great to see them there.

Alexander gave a speech about ORIGIN (he said many nice things!), which was followed by my own short speech.  

Drinks were served and, of course, ORIGIN: The Cake(!), courtesy of my Mum (thank you!).

For a bit of light entertainment, we decided to make a play from ORIGIN. I had prepared some short dialogue scenes from the book, and we got volunteers to act it out! There were some future Oscar nominees in attendance, I'm sure!

Afterwards, as it was a day event and children were also attending we had an after-party in a local pub - the historic City Vaults just opposite Waterstones - where drinks and snacks were served. 

I just wanted to add a big THANK YOU to all the guests who attended, the Waterstones staff, my Mum for the cake, Alexander and Ben for coming from London, Headline Publishing for sponsoring drinks and food, the staff at City Vaults, and my wife for being such a great event runner!


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  2. We are absolutely gutted we missed your launch. Looking a the pictures and reading this blog has given me a tiny glimpse into what happened. It sounds like it was amazing. We'll be at the next launch..come hell or high water!

  3. I am very sad to have missed this JT! I'm glad it went so well.