Thursday, 16 August 2012

First Advance Copies Received!

What an exciting day - first advance reading copies of ORIGIN arrived in the post today!

This is the first time I've seen the 'finished product' (although such early copies are labelled 'uncorrected proofs' as they haven't gone through the final copy editing process, and may still contain printing errors), and I am delighted. At last, it's a real book!

It's still not really sunk in yet though, to be honest. I've wanted to have a book published ever since being a young boy, and now it's arrived, it somehow still doesn't seem real. Awesome definitely, but surreal - almost as if it's been written by someone else. Maybe it will finally sink in when it hits the shops in October!

These early copies are produced in advance of full publication so that they can be distributed to reviewers, journalists, bloggers, book shops, buyers for bookselling chains, and other people in the industry.

Additionally, copies are sent out to other authors in the hope that they will write some nice comments for the jacket. In the case of ORIGIN - due to the very quick publication schedule - any such comments probably won't be received in time to make it onto the front cover. But - if we do get any nice ones! - they will certainly appear on bookselling websites, and in future reprints of the novel. Apparently the percentage of authors that do make comments is very low, but we live in hope!

If anyone reading this blog is interested in getting a copy for reviewing purposes, please contact the following people at Headline Publishing -

Publicity enquiries - Ben Willis - 020 7873 6491
Marketing enquiries - Vicky Palmer - 020 7873 6110

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  1. This is brilliant news and they do indeed look somewhat akin to real books. Surely it's beginning to seem a bit more real, isn't it? I can't wait for my pre-ordered copy to arrive. And I like your table too.