Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Manuscript Editing

Received the manuscript for Origin back from my editor this week, annotated with suggested revisions, so have now started the editing process!

Very exciting to get it through the post, it's one more step towards publication!

The process itself might be of interest to aspiring authors, so I will detail my own experience so far.

After the story idea, the research, the plotting and the writing, I finally had the first draft of my novel. I then proof read it myself several times, as well as asking some close family members to do the same. I then made changes according to the feedback.

The next stage was to send it to Luigi Bonomi, my agent. He read through it, then sent it back with suggested changes. We met up to discuss these, and I went back to work to come up with a revised version.

This was checked and re-checked, and then sent back to him. He liked it, and so had it proof-read in-house. Again, this resulted in some changes being made.

The final draft was then sent out to publishers, and was picked up by Headline with a pre-emptive deal.

I subsequently met with my editor, who had various suggestions to make. He said he would send me a copy through the post annotated with his notes, and this is where I am now.

After these revisions have been made, it will then be proof-read and then copy edited, so will undoubtedly have to undergo yet further revisions!

Most of the changes are minor (e.g. avoiding repetition of words/phrases, etc), whilst some deal with the sequence of events (the exact time that plot points should be revealed).

I used to believe that writing a novel was a fairly solitary affair from start to finish, but how naive I was! Before a novel sees the light of day, a lot of work will have gone into it from a large range of people, and towards the end it becomes much more of a collaborative process.

I think the result will be well worth it!

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